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that thing took

GME will be the MOASS,

AMC jeez

Posted by himsa on 2nd of Jun 2021 at 12:29 pm

GME will be the MOASS,

naked shorting, GME next.

AMC jeez

Posted by himsa on 2nd of Jun 2021 at 12:25 pm

naked shorting, GME next.

Market will crash due to the reverse  repos and rehypothefecations. However with AMC and others they are up because momentum related to the share holders votes next week. These stocks have been naked shorted 5x the float. Of all GME has potential to go much higher too due to the same thing and no debt whereas I wouldn’t hold AMC other than the squeeze.

sounds about right, in cash

Posted by himsa on 19th of May 2021 at 01:18 pm

sounds about right, in cash except for 1 fomo stock

thanks for these

AVIR the stock that has

Posted by himsa on 5th of May 2021 at 07:05 pm

AVIR the stock that has been beaten has a doji on the daily, may get a small bounce, short interest is heavy though..

Long term hold here hopefully it jumps has an Inverse HS on daily

maybe starter here looks good to maybe 24

nice, this thing went up

MVIS Updated View

Posted by himsa on 26th of Apr 2021 at 11:15 am

nice, this thing went up big time

yea, it looks like the 40 range is where it could go

if you have been following cnbc breaking news, they will put any headline there and relate the stock market being up or down..just look at todays headline, banks and others shrug off the capital gains tax fears LOL...just use technicals, everything else is crock

it targets those who make more than a million, i doubt most of us make more than a million trading

i bought this yesterday at 37.2 sold too early...

i think now most people know that its all corrupt, and as little guys we just gotta use the technicals. luckily the public is understanding the lies and hopefully people will be held accountable...GME was kinda the spark that pulled the curtain behind all of it

just read a good post

Posted by himsa on 21st of Apr 2021 at 12:52 pm

just read a good post about GME on reddit.

got in and out, will reenter soon

good area to get in

gap at 36..may be add there..

finally the market is breaking down, been like 3 years


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