General Overview:

The SPY Pro system is not one system, it’s actually a macro system that is made up or diversified across 22 sub systems that all work in concert with one another.  Each sub system does different things and are actually whole systems on their own that can be run individually.  My thought process with this was that this gives the system a huge diversification, it’s like running 22 systems vs 1.  Many systems out there are composed of only one trade type, such as a Larry Connors RSI 2 system etc, and so if that system gets out of sync with the market, you are out of luck.  Since my system is devised of 22 systems that all do and look at different things in the market (some are reversion to mean, some are trend following, some are breakout), the odds off all of these systems getting out of sync with the market at once is astronomically low in my opinion.  That’s how I’ve approached this system, it’s taken  years and 1000’s of hrs of code and development, and of course I’m never done, I will continue to further tweak and add new trade types and filters as I discover them.

Here’s a list of the general trade types to the SPY Pro system.  I’ve included a very brief general description of the trade types, not enough for anyone to reproduce of course, but this gives you a general idea of what they look at.  Also note that some of the trade types have 2 versions, such as 2 Exhaustion Short systems for example.


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