Trade Status: FLAT In Cash
I will be updating this section later tonight or this evening.  I sent out an email and video about this pre market.  I covered the shorts for a loss since the version of the system that we will be following going forward is officially flat and would have covered last week.  I also kept a duplicate short in place per the system we triggered by and that one closed at the end of day!  Clearly would have been better to simply close out everything at the open

here’s a link to that video

Again I will update this section later today. Going forward going to make big changes here:  The ‘bread and butter’ of Breakpoint has always been our awesome technical analysis on the markets, commodities, and our numerous trade ideas, and education.  The SPY system over the last 6 months has been a huge distraction to the website from our core strengths, and has been too confusing to follow trying to send orders out in the middle of modifying it.  I know that a lot of older members still want me to keep the system, however the system can’t be operated like it has been and I need to ponder what I do going forward.  The good thing is that I finally have the final version of the system that I will be using, the bad thing of course is that doesn’t help the last trade at hand.  I will either be leaving the system up and simply sending signals out for the final version of the system I’m using currently, or take it offline from the website and follow it (with no modifications) for the next year and then bring it back if it’s doing well.  


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