Trade Status: FLAT In Cash and back online

Hello everyone as you know I turned the SPY system back online, it’s now called SPY Pro high Probability, which consists of only the highest probability sub systems.  I remember the sub systems, that while being highly profitable were also subject to the largest draw downs and could get trapped at times buying a market pullback too early.  Realize this change means that there will be far less trades than the old SPY system, however the trades that remain are of much higher probability.  When the system does a trade I will be sending trade notifications for.

Also please note that because I have the high probability sub systems on multiple charts, there can be times when there are multiple trades on at once.  For example there could be a long trade and a short trade in play at the same time, or multiple longs at once.  This wont’ be a problem because each sub system will be their own trade managed separately.  When the systems do a trade I will send out an ETF suggestion as well as an options suggestion. It will be up to you to choose which one to take.   


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