Hello everyone had happy Friday, as you know for the US markets anyway, we have a 3 day weekend with the US markets closed on Monday for Presidents day.

Anyway, as the title states, one of the sub systems on both the SPY and ES systems are looking to take a 1st entry long (Trend/Pullback). As you may know, going forward I plan to send trades for all the sub systems.  If the trade confirms will be $10K SPY and one SPY call option. I haven't fully decided how to handle the ES systems, one idea would be to split capital in each 1/2 for the SPY and 1/2 for the ES. 

I will confirm the trade near the close, that said - if you are following the systems PLEASE check into the Trading Community near the close as I will confirm the trade there instead of sending an email - as email is slow. I may elect to send a text.  I will post the trade details on the Trading Community

Also, please realize that the market is in a downtrend and should the market indexes test or break the January lows be mentally prepared that this sub system may take multiple entries (up to 3), and other sub systems could trigger. I will be sending all the trades for the individual sub systems. Anyway, I'm mentally preparing you ahead of time just in case  that were to unfold


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