As I discussed earlier, the Strap long I've been using for the website shows a possible long entry tomorrow. However I expect that tomorrow could be a stronger move as we have tight coils on the 15 min time frames, therefore tomorrow at 5 pm EST is a long way off.  As I said, I ran some tests and come up with two over settings that I like for the sub system. The image shows both of them, both have 100% past winning trades. One of them went long today, and one shows a possible long for tomorrow just like  old default setting. The 100% is a strong stat, one option I could have done is sent a trade alert out for one of these but for 1/2 the position size. You could take that trade as MES futures are technically 4 points lower than where one of these systems went long. 

anyway, I went long some MES with a stop around 3919. I know it's late, most are not around. We'll see what happens tomorrow!

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