This is an alert about BPT Mechanical Systems:

Hello everyone as you know I'm out of town this week and James Roe has been communicating the SPY and ES systems signals.

I wanted to follow up and confirm that the DVDS short system did in fact close out yesterday in case anyone was following it. I'll be using a new version going forward:

Here's an image of the DVDS system. I'm showing two systems here, the one on the left is the original version,  of which the 2nd and 3rd entries closed out profitable except for the 1st entry. The version on the right shows the version I will be using going forward - it also exited and notice that this one took an extra short trade in January and closed out in a day, and for this one ALL THREE entries were profitable

Otherwise as you know some of the long systems started to take positions, such as the bear long on both SPY and ES, and the Strap. These are reversion to mean systems, remember, they buy when it feels bad

I'll be back in town on the weekend


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