good morning everyone, I'm posting this again as an early FYI on the reversion to mean systems:

1. The SPY bear long may take a 2nd entry today if prices stay down by the close (upper left chart)
2. SPY Strap might take a 1st entry long (bottom left)
3. ES bear long ver 2 and Strap show potential 1st entries as well (right side) and the Stoch short closed out yesterday
for ES remember that on Friday it closes at 5 pm EST and does not reopen at 6 pm like it does Mon-Thur, therefore anyone trading MES would have to take the trade before 5 pm, or wait until Sunday evening. If trading ETF's in place of MES, no problem as they trade until 8 pm in after hrs even on Friday

remember today is Quad Witch - expect volatility


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