hi guys and I hope you are enjoying your Sunday evening.  

So FYI, I'm not sure how many of you are going to see this but I figured I'd send the trade alert out. Regarding the systems, we've had open the SPY bear long and the RSI 40 long 1st and entry entry on ES. 

This evening when I rebooted Tradestation, the RSI 40 system shows an exit on Friday. This did not show on Friday's close - sometimes refreshing the data can change prices around a few points, just enough to show a trade that wasn't there on Friday. Plus Friday's are weird days for ES futures because they close at 5 pm and do not reopen until Sunday at 6 pm. 

Anyway for those who are in this RSI 40 1st and 2nd entry, I'm closing the system out here in after hrs. Currently ES futures are trading higher by 8 points from Friday's close. If you see this alert tonight you can close it, otherwise some of you may not see it until tomorrow. Also, for those of you who may have taken the RSI 40 system trades with SPY and SSO ETF's in place of ES, you'll have to wait until Monday morning.

Here's the updated trade table and updated statistics for the ES RSI 40 system! Nice stats and this was a nice trade


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