Hello and good morning and happy Friday everyone.

First off the market is down as futures reacted negatively to the Jobs data. 

We have the open ES short from the QE BTS system - it will likely close out today, unless the market has a very ugly Friday, which causes the trending hold indicator to turn red, which in that case it would hold, otherwise at this very moment it's looking to exit.

Next - yesterday I issued another short via Hi Mid Lo system triggering on the SPY systems, I then sent out a retraction email well after the close as I discovered that the system had not triggered. However it was too late to sell the SPY Put options. 

Those SPY put options for Dec 16th 390 Strike are now NICELY profitable! Was purchased yesterday at 25.6, now trading at 28.6. You can either choose to close it out there for nice profits, or hold a bit longer and see how Friday develops.


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