On the 2 open SPY systems, (I took off those options this morning) the QE BTS will be taking a 3rd entry short, while the Hi Mid Low will be taking a second entry short.  SPXU for the 3rd entry and SDS for the 2nd.

again both of these missed closing out by like 20 cents - how it goes at times.  

I will not be adding options this time and probably going forward. If you wish to do options on your own what I target is options that expire roughly 2 months out, with 1st entry delta around 0.64, 2nd entry 0.6, and 3rd entry 0.5 or less. That would be Dec 30th options with strikes for Dec 401 to 394. 

also, to hedge one could consider being long an SPX related ETF with a stop following one of the faster KISS systems - note DVT's are around 3800 for the 130 min and 65 min KISS.  Also, the daily KISS system is going back long today

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