Hello and happy FOMC day!

Regarding the reversion to mean systems, as you know the QE BTS closed out on SPY yesterday but the Hi Mid Low did not, which you see on the upper right.
There's also a 1st entry short open for the Strap on ES (which as I explained the other day, I did not catch in time to send out and thus it's not a live open trade for us, but some of you asked me to keep track of it. 

Both of these systems are meeting their exit conditions today. Obviously, since these are end of day systems, prices will likely be way up or down from here after the FOMC. 

If you are nervous and just want to lock in gains now PRE-FOMC you can as both systems are profitable and meeting their exit conditions.  Or if you want to follow the systems, you can just wait for them to exit on their own, or split the difference and exit 1/2 now and hold the remaining until the systems finally exit on their own - your choice


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