Hello everyone and happy Friday. 

Regarding the SPY and ES systems, I apologize but this actually works in our favor, when I rebooted my pc one of the ES systems shorted the other day (which we did not enter, however prices are higher than that enter. Therefore I'm sending out the trade notification for this trade now. For the website I'll show the trade as MES in the systems trade tables, and if you are trading the ETF's in place of the futures the SH is the -1X ETF, which trades until 8 pm EST, so you have plenty of time to enter the trade. MES futures however stop trading at 5pm, in just over 20 min. 

otherwise I hope you had a nice week, we've had some nice trade ideas this week: On Monday in my newsletter YMM, LVOX, were long ideas (huge trades), NINE was a short, CTLT was a long that has given a nic etrade, TSlA out of the wedge on the previous week, the various meta stocks, etc

enjoy the rest of your Friday!


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