Here's update on the systems, sorry guys had some contractors over been dealing with. ES is closed anywhere until 6 pm. ETF;s trade of course 

First off that ES system QE 3 closed out it's short at the closing ES bar at 5 pm EST.  The ES systems are all flat and in cash

that said - early today I noticed that one of the SPY short systems had triggered on Tuesday's sell off, the Stoch Rev - which you can see in the other images. I didn't have that workspace for the SPY shorts open on Tuesday because I didn't think anything would trigger. 

anyway that SPY Stoch short is staying short. Since I didn't email that out to the website we'll track it and I'll let everyone know when it does exit. 

Also, regarding the ES system that just closed out - option would be be to stay short until the SPY Stoch short closes out. Again purely your choice I will show the trade closed out on the ES systems, see the final table. 

The final image shows the SPY systems ETF trades, I added the Stoch Rev trade there for tracking purposes

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