Hello Everyone, first off confirming that the bear long sub system triggered a 1st entry long on SPY. Therefore we'll take the ETF portion here in after hrs (which is better prices than the cash close). As I stated in my last email, because I would not be confirming this trade until after hrs, we would NOT be taking the accompanying SPY option trade this time, ONLY the ETF.  SPY ETF trades until 8 pm EST, so plenty of time to enter that. 

For SPY we also have the open Stoch Short Reversal that entered on 

Also, the Ver 2 Bear Long is going to trigger on ES but not the Ver 1. We will therefore take a 1/2 position (1 contract). ES/MES closes at 5 pm. While we show the trades as MES, you can substitute the SPY related ETF's in place if futures do not fit your risk profile. 

I will also discuss in tonight's newsletter 


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