Hello everyone following up on my morning email regarding the systems:

The Bear long system for both the SPY and ES systems will both be closing out today. Good thing we locked in some gains at higher prices at Friday's close however the bear long made money and that's what counts. 

That said I've made the elective decision to close out most of the trade following the systems, but I'm keeping the 1st entry SPY open with a hard stop at 372.4 just in case the market manages to chop out a higher low per one of our scenarios with another move higher in July as wave C. Realize this is discretionary outside the system. You can either choose to follow the system exactly and sell your entire long position or keep some open with a stop

The system that still remains partially open is the 1st entry short on the ES system via the QE 3 which is nicely profitable as it went short at Friday's close

we will only have one system action out of the 21 systems for both SPY and ES, all others are in cash waiting for the next trade opportunity


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