Hello Everyone, regarding the SPY and ES systems, the QE 3 is triggering a 1st entry short on SPY and for ES (which won't be confirmed until 5 pm when that instrument closes).  

For SPY we'll buy the SH ETF and 1 SPY Put option with an expiration date of September 16th, and strike price of 406.  

For the ES trade we'll short 1 MES contract (you can trade an SPY related ETF in it's place).  ES won't confirm until 5 pm and I'll confirm that on the Trading Community

Remember that we still have an open long position on the SPY ETF and ES Bear Long via MES futures or a SPY related instrument.   Remember I send trade notifications for both SPY and ES systems, for ES you don't have to trade MES futures you can trade a SPY related ETF in it's place. 

Non-systems discretionary I do think the SPX will work higher to that 4020 gap area, therefore this QE 3 Short may be early and may require 2 or 3 entries taking some heat. The systems are the systems and we will follow them on the website

you can view the live trades list from the systems section of the website from these links




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