Hello everyone and happy Friday.  The open long trades on our SPY and ES systems  are killing it.  The ES bear long went long on July 13th, and is up 320 ES/MES points!  We are still holding a SPY bear long position from June from entry price of $375, price is now $410.3. 

The ES breakout system took two long entries over a week ago and is up very nicely. This system has a tight stop now at 4061.  The entries were 4001.25 and 3963.25. This stop is 153 points above the 2nd entry and 100 points over the 1st entry. 

Remember, you don't have to trade futures if they do not fit your risk profile, you can trade SPY related ETF's in place. 

congrats if you've been taking the trades this year for the systems. Not every system trade has been a winner but the vast majority have.

There as been 36 trade signals from the SPY systems and 35 trade signals from the ES systems from the 21 sub system basket that is run across these instruments.

enjoy the rest of your Friday


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