Hello everyone, I hope you have had a nice weekend so far. Regarding the general market it had rallied into a resistance zone on Friday and so technical was at/near a spot where it would likely at least have a consolidation. Then over the weekend the situation the Russian/Ukraine situation has people on edge with Putin placing Russian nuclear deterrence forces on high alert, and for the simple fact that Urkaine didn't didn't roll over and the conflict may drag on: Markets do not like uncertainty, anyway couple that that with the indexes had rallied into technical resistance zones, this is an area to see at least consolidation.. I will issue a market newsletter later today.

Otherwise on Saturday I got roped into working on other side projects with the systems. First off the Reversion to mean systems did excellent trades for both the SPY and ES, congrats if you participated in those, see the first attached image. Remember I'm now sending signals to both SPY and ES systems - that's 40 systems!!   I've been compiling trade data from the ES and SPY systems into a web page with various parameters that I can set trade size and ETF's with, very complicated but ultimately I want this data to computer statistics and answer questions about how much could one make by allocating X amount or % to the various systems.

Secondly, I compile some statistics on my newer KISS system (developed in late Nov) and the results are pretty good. The second image shows the trades via SSO, and shows the SPX annual. Realize that even in years where two two are not that different, the KISS has much less draw down potential over just holding the SPX because of the DVT stop protection.  I'll do a Youtube video on this eventually.

Should we be in some sort of bear market, the KISS trend isn't likely to do much. However the reversion to mean systems generally do very well in volatility and bear markets. 


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