Hello Everyone,

Quick Note:  Based strictly upon mapping I'm looking for a likely gap tomorrow and that happens to coincide with Monthly Payrolls - more tonight.   

 EWT is quite subjective but they count as a 3 of 3 either way that's the problem with just EWT.   

That BOLD TRENDLINE on SPX 60 minute is the KEY - today SPX closed below so bulls would have to recover (like gapping above it).   That trendline was REJECTED today on a backtest after breaking while the VIX made a slightly lower low confirming yesterday's signal.  Essentially a coin toss.  Thus, let's see how this resolves and act accordingly. 

ES support is 4340-50 

Administrative Note:  I'm still in recovery mode from vocal cord surgery so will keep newsletter as brief as possible with focus on the indices. 

Here's a link to Tonight's Newsletter.

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