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Quick Comments: So far an abc 3 wave like pullback from the highs. Today the SPX and QQQ's bounced off their respective 20 day MA's. However, we are seeing worrying signs out there. 

Since the 80's every time consumer sentiment was this depressing, FED has been forced to cut rates in order to stimulate the economy.  This is the first time in history they will be RAISING rates with consumer sentiment at these levels.  Ties in with my weekend comments.  Basically the FED is focused first and foremost on taming inflation which is not conducive to asset prices. 

- If Stocks Don't Fall, the Fed Needs to Force Them - Bloomberg

- FED Minutes - https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-04-06/fed-officials-weigh-shrinking-balance-sheet-by-95-billion-month

Comments from weekend:

With that being said, one reason for the US equity market remaining sanguine for the time being is that the alternatives are not great. Due to globalization, many markets are now moving in unison unlike many years ago. For example,  Europe is facing even more inflation pressure than the US with energy prices in particular.  Many emerging markets are also dealing with the same problems while others are being impacted by their government policies/actions that have wreaked havoc on investors (such as China and Russia). Then you look at Real Estate/Housing which has appreciated substantially despite tepid income growth (simply not sustainable when you do the math) and especially with rising rates (see mortgage rates of late).  Most commodities too have seen big increases but many will be negatively impacted due to the Fed actions slowing demand. Finally, you look at Bonds (both government and corporate) which are already feeling the impacts of the Fed's plan to raise rates with the 2/10 inversion. You get the picture - this is not an ideal backdrop for investors. 

Thus we need to remain flexible and adjust to the message of the market(s).  As far as stocks, we are now upon the cusp of the next quarterly corporate earnings reporting season and it will be important to see how the market reacts to these reports. For example, do we see any pre-announcements or warnings this quarter?  What will be the company guidance in light of the current backdrop?  As discussed, seasonality tends to improve from Mid March thru April and thus far that has been the case with the SPX bouncing approximately 10 percent off its lows in line with our outlook.  However, the indices did not see positive divergences on the cumulative Advance/Decline charts at the lows and we also had a clear symmetry break suggesting a retest is more likely than not in due time. For the bulls, many charts are reflect some sort of thrust higher off the lows.  As we discussed a few weeks ago, both the primary view (a lower high) and the alternative (new highs) both were pointing to a the sharp rally we have witnessed.  In the next few weeks is where I expect the the rubber meets the road and we will simply continue to trade what's in front of us in accordance with the evidence provided. Keep and open mind and adhere to your plan (Project, monitor, adjust).


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