Hello Everyone,

Quick Notes: Pretty quiet session until the final hour when sellers appeared and took ES back to test 4775 support zone once again.  Intraday the SPX managed to eke out a marginal new high (divergent) while the QQQ lagged.  For now, both are holding short term support - risk is after such a big move an air pocket below IF support is lost.  Very thin markets can acerbate moves.   

Lastly, I want to thank each and everyone for their patronage to BPT over the past year.  In addition, I would like to thank all who take time to share ideas, charts, private input etc. We strive to assist everyone in some manner.  

Happy New Year!

Note: Several previous ideas on watchlist remain valid but simply have not yet triggered so continue to re-examine each night.  Consider making a fresh top 10-12 setups  each night and put on front page along with existing trades.  My advice is to keep your total ideas to a manageable number.  Lastly, it's best to wait at times for valid setups to form - sometimes less is more.

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