Hello Everyone,

Quick comments:  Another distribution day on the major indices today with the SPX/QQQ still holding above previous highs and IWM testing its recent lows.  After hours AAPL had a strong report and more importantly is trading higher $8.00+ currently which has helped after hours.  With that said, the onus remain on the bulls to reclaim 200 day MA for starters as it was once again rejected today. 

ES levels 4390 if clears first step then 4420-50 Big Level to clear to start a squeeze. 

Note: Several previous ideas on watchlist remain valid but simply have not yet triggered so continue to re-examine each night.  Consider making a fresh top 10-12 setups  each night and put on front page along with existing trades.  My advice is to keep your total ideas to a manageable number.  Lastly, it's best to wait at times for valid setups to form - sometimes less is more.

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