Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This is the time of the year to appreciate what and we greatly appreciate your business.

Regarding the market action on Wednesday, it started off very weak in the morning, however the market came back off the lows to close positive, no surprising given the time of the year. 

Here's a handful of charts should you care to look at them. NYSE breadth chart was arguing for a bounce with - which we got.  The VIX closed back inside its Bollinger Bands today (VIX buy signal), and the VVIX closed back inside its Bollinger Bands on Tuesday for a buy signal one day earlier. The IWM small caps bounced near the 50 day MA. The US Dollar had a strong day once again. High Yield Corporate Bonds were strongly lower in the morning but rallied off their lows after testing a support zone.  Anyway, the market is open for 1/2 a day on Friday, and I will available all day.


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