Hello everyone and happy Tuesday.

As you know, yesterday the SPY Trend/Pullback system took a 1st entry long on both SPY ETF and SPY call options. With the SPX currently up 65 points (and has filled yesterday's gap) the trade is up nicely. The system isn't going to close out the trade yet however. That said it doesn't mean that you can't peel some off if you bought extra options or ETF shares to lock something in.

Also yesterday at the close our McClellan Oscillator Bollinger Band systems went long on SPX as the McClellan Oscillator had closed below its lower Bollinger Bands. The IWM McClellan system took a 2nd entry. Very nice trades on those systems, which should be closing out there their trades today.

The attached images show the SPY Trend /Pullback systems trade. The stats for this system, the Trade list over the past year including the open trade. I've also included a chart image showing the McClellan Oscillator Bollinger Band systems for the 4 major indexes, of which the SPX and IWM took a long position. I've also included trade stats for these.


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