Hello Everyone, hope you had a nice Friday and a good week!  First off an administrative note, regarding the DVT prices for the index charts, as you know we already include them in at least 3 places: AT the bottom of each email for the newsletters, the KISS charts themselves that are in the newsletters, and the KISS Systems section on the website.  For convenience I've made a simple table, see attachment below, that will now be at the bottom of each newsletter and in the KISS section of the website. The data on the table should pretty self  explanatory, I list the DVT prices for the SPX,QQQ, and IWM for the weekly, 2 day, and daily time frames. The Date Generated column refers to the date that the most recent DVT was generated, for example today a new weekly DVT was finally generated for the S&P 500. The table with the Conseq # DVT's means how many DVT's have been generated in that uptrend sequence without being hit, or how many times the trailing stop has been raised without being hit. 

Also we had some very nice trades this week, especially in the crypto space.  BTBT was given as a long idea in my newsletter last weekend at $9.4, today hit briefly hit $19.

anyway enjoy the rest of your Friday evening and have a great weekend!


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