Hello everyone, hope you had a good day.

First off, the two McClellan systems that went long yesterday (QQQ and DIA) both closed out today.  The QQQ was a nice trade while the Dow one ended up being a small loser, see attached image.

No new trades on the SPY system

Also here's an educational post from mid day regarding a system like entry method called MACD KISS/Stochastic oversold. I use this all the time on multiple time frames, in fact I have written a scanner for it. I'll show a lot of examples of this on larger time frames but here's an example on a 5 min chart of UPRO today that I did. The setup: You get a slow K stochastic oversold (you can use a 5 length to a 10 length). Then as long as MACD does not cross below its signal line and you have a MACD KISS type setup, you have a low risk setup with tight entry and stop

CLICK HERE to watch a short 3 min video description about this type of setup - note the audio doesn't start until about 3 seconds in

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