Happy Friday as you know the market is up. 

A couple things: first off regarding the SPY systems, the QE MOMO as you know took a long trade on Wednesday, which I discussed in the newsletter and email that day. Some of you elected to take the yesterday morning when the market was down, congrats.  Anyway this system is likely going to close out today for a profit. Remember I stated that the trades on this system tend to be very short term only and that's the case this time as well. Price needs to close over the 8 day EMA, so that's a way for you to track on your own, place the 8 EMA on a daily chart of SPY, for now price is nicely over that and thus the system is looking to exit at the close.  

Secondly, the McClellan Systems - yesterday the McClellan Oscillator close below its lower Bollinger Bands for 3 consecutive days on the NYMO and IWM. The same was true for the Dow - those Systems are closing out today as the McClellan Oscillator is now back above its lower Bolinger Bands see images below.


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