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Quick Comments : The market had a strong reversal up last Thursday and follow through day on Friday. With Friday's rally and the QQQ very close to the recent highs, the market looked almost certain to have a follow through rally and that's exactly what happened today. The market indexes gapped up strongly, and in the morning I made the comments on the Trading Community that it's likely to be a Trend Day, which it ended up being, and the QQQ did indeed make a new all time high. Also this morning we got a new NYSE TICK pivot right on the open, which tends to happen on a strong trend day. KISS systems, we have new potential weekly and 2 day DVT's, however they are not yet set/confirmed. 

Nice follow through rally in the precious metals group and a gap and go day for many of the precious metal stocks, which were extremely oversold coming out of recent washout sell offs. I added a few new long ideas to the trade ideas section. 


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