Hello everyone and I hope you are having a good Wednesday afternoon. 

A few years ago I made a video showing how to determine your share position size based on what you are willing to risk for each of your trades. It's a more logical method over simply always using a set share size amount or set dollar amount for your trades. Most of you have watched that original old video by now as it's been on the site for a few years.

Anyway I've been working on a convenient automated tool in Tradestation to do this for you. I also show how one can use this for nightly trade ideas from the BPT  newsletters to pre set your orders at night or in the morning - which even if you work a day job you can set these entry prices, targets and set set stops. I do this every night for our trade ideas. Anyway here's the video please watch

CLICK HERE to watch the video

Also here's a link to the original video from a few years ago on setting position size if you never watched that.


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