STS - Generally speaking -

    Posted by fredsaid on 31st of May 2023 at 04:28 pm

    STS - Generally speaking - are they used on a closing basis or intraday ?  I decided to bail on EEM anyway given the backdrop.

    I discussed that before -

    Posted by matt on 31st of May 2023 at 05:22 pm

    I discussed that before - a blog search. Price closed over the STS, intra day was 10 cents below it - that's where I said typically I give some wiggle room to those. and many times I wait for the close if I'm monitoring the instrument intra day and don't see it selling off strongly

    STS list updated: Also I added those 8 FANG names to the BPT basket 

    Kewl TY.

    Posted by fredsaid on 31st of May 2023 at 05:36 pm

    Kewl TY.


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