I am no good at

    Posted by mundy on 26th of May 2023 at 05:42 pm

    I am no good at uploading files but I have plotted the fibs on the NQ Futures weekly chart in Tradingview. Presently we are slap bang on the 61.8% Fib line of 14367. With such a strong move up it is even possible that we could see the 78.6% Fib at 15423 reached before the wheels come off.

    mundy - first of all

    Posted by steve on 27th of May 2023 at 09:49 am

    mundy - first of all anything is possible.  Fibs are to be viewed as markers (like guideposts on a freeway).  Respect the trend until evidence changes. 

    Best way to think of stocks/indices is like that of an auction - prices are set each day (demand and supply) and will inherently change as new information/drivers come to light.   Ever watch the Antiques Roadshow?   Some items from 10 years ago are now higher and some lower - same thing with the stock market.   Dynamic and heavily impacted by LIQUIDITY.   I posted about liquidity before my trip departure as a reference.  

    i should have read through

    Posted by mundy on 26th of May 2023 at 06:11 pm

    i should have read through all the postings. I do see that RMoore100, Simplemillion and Steve have also posted on NQ.


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