All I know is the ratios are low as of end of day Friday. These ratios have been ping-ponging between extreme highs and lows the last month in a way that I have been unable to find at any other time through their history. I may be wrong, but my guess would be that this novel behavior is a result of  0DTE options. 

    This is probably one of those cases then that the future will be rational only in hindsight. Right now, it is very difficult to draw any conclusions beyond that the ratios are low right now. Who knows? They may be back at the upper Bollinger band by the end of Monday. Not a prediction, just an observation.

    I'm glad you brought up

    Posted by cozz101 on 4th of Dec 2022 at 10:16 am

    I'm glad you brought up the put/call ratios because I am confused as well. I agree there are lots of options trades going on but hasn't there been 0DTE trading all year? I'm just not sure and It seems like a neutral game. 

    I'm invested in a 0DTE hedge fund and it's up about 10% this year so I understand the concept; naked calls and puts sold for premium with religious stops, cash out at end of day.

    On $CPCE, something a little

    Posted by timebandit on 4th of Dec 2022 at 11:02 am

    On $CPCE, something a little (but only marginally) similar happened in June 2004, when we had a couple of sharp spikes and drops in the ratio during a rally in $SPX, and the BB width got up to the 100 level. But right now the BB width is almost 140. It was below 50 at the beginning of November, which shows just how volatile it has been in the last month.

    Right now i see bears

    Posted by arun on 4th of Dec 2022 at 09:31 am

    Right now i see bears are in more trouble than bulls. While we have been screaming bear, SPX moved 600 points off the lows. Whenever we pull back to 9 day MA abruptly lots of bears coming out on fintwit saying this is a bear market, I said so etc etc. and then we recover again

     Best of luck to bears

    Good context Arun.  re: SPX  Another thing

    Posted by fundamentalvalues on 5th of Dec 2022 at 07:39 am

    Good context Arun. 

    re: SPX 

    Another thing I've been continuing to consider and keep an open mind to is that all of the major economic reports last week that are supposed to be big market movers didn't change the uptrend at all. Working off an oversold condition for a day or two is normal, though nothing significant. You would have thought we crashed by some of the bearish comments  They were small trades that had to be capitalized on quickly. 

    The message of the market has been different since the reversal off the lows and the data is suggesting that things may not be as bad as feared. In balance there may be some time for these things to work into the economy, though it just hasn't materialized. This is the problem with being married to a sentiment and demanding a result on one's personal timetable. The market decides if/when things happen, not someone making a prediction. I'll continue to make entries based on risk/reward. I can care less about being right in the public eye, just making money to take care of my family. 

    Once again in balance, the two gaps below do bother me as they normally aren't left open longer term. They are at 3,748 and 3,583. It won't prevent me from playing the upside now and if I see my longer term criteria as a sell signal, I'll certainly sell my inventory purchased off of the 3,500 reversal. It just hasn't shown up as of yet, so I stay the course each day unless it does. The timing is the part that is difficult, though it is still better to stay in the present, otherwise the potential to make a mistake increases. 

    Once I do my planning, I go back to my life as my plan is based on my personal tolerances and strategy. I can't be anyone else and if I try to, I won't be able to adjust as they would because I don't know what they would be doing. And even if I did, if it doesn't resonate with who I am and what I feel comfortable doing, I won't be able to do it consistently. This is why I have found it better to develop my own style instead of depending on anyone else to feed me. I need to know what to do with a degree of confidence and not have to ask someone what I should be doing. 

    ..and the results of those decisions are on the Chris Stapleton song says, "I got nobody to blame but me". A good life lesson to take accountability and inventory of my actions and results of them in general. Realizing that I can and will make mistakes for the rest of my life is a necessary part of being a human. The question is, How will I respond to those situations, am I willing to apologize when I'm wrong? Can I have a healthy celebration of success? Will I continue to learn and consider others views as I make my decisions? Am I able to navigate healthy sources of information and negative influences to be cautious of and/or avoid? Do I realize that I don't control the world or much except what I can as my part?  

    Lots of good information provided on this site and education that can be used to develop one's personal trading/investment style. I have found being part of a community to be beneficial in formulating my thoughts, strategies, and documenting them to be able to review as part of my journal. There are many ways to do things. Another day I'm grateful to wake up and have a shot at life. Best of success this week to everyone. 

    Market climbs "a wall of

    Posted by cozz101 on 4th of Dec 2022 at 10:10 am

    Market climbs "a wall of worry"! 


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