New KISS tables - amazing work

    Posted by matt on 24th of Nov 2022 at 09:05 pm

    James outdid himself, here's KISS tables for all the Dow Jones 30 stocks, all the S&P 500 stocks, and all Nasdaq 100 stocks

    furthermore, besides the current DVT, or STS - we have added  the Demark count, which is really cool - for example on the Dow 30 stocks I can see that IBM currently is at a Demark 13, that's useful and looks toppy to me here as well technically. If you look at the SPX there's two stocks that have a Demark 30 count, that's crazy. having the ability to quickly look up what Demark sequence that any Dow, SPX, Nasdaq stock is at is huge. I placed an image of IBM, you can see the doji candle, it's stretched. by the way IBM is up 16% for the year now, wow no bear market for that stock

    you can sort by columns just clicking on the the header. 

    the symbol links to Yahoo Finance profile page

    the other thing I would like to add is if there's an A, Amateur hour. 

    The last thing - and this one would be huge, James is going to try and tackle it but it won't be easy. We have found a couple of charting libaraies and will try and plot these STS stops, Demark, and other indicators. 

    here you go, play around with them. in addition to the Demark, the STS can be thought of as a smart trailing stop that one could use as a guide if they are long on of these 100s of stocks, and they dynamically adjust over time.  Realize that as a feature to the website these would be automatically updated each day

    Indeed, lots to be thankful

    Posted by patellee on 25th of Nov 2022 at 06:14 am

    Indeed, lots to be thankful about.  Thank you Matt and James.  I can’t wait to take this for a spin.

    In the email you mention the major ETFs would be covered as well.  Where can I find those?  

    This is the top 100

    Posted by James_Roe on 25th of Nov 2022 at 06:19 am

    This is the top 100 ETF's by volume.

    remember guys - in those

    Posted by matt on 25th of Nov 2022 at 10:13 am

    remember guys - in those tables you can quickly search for a stock by typing the symbol in the search box. You can also sort columns by clicking the header - so for example if you wanted to see which stock has the longest Demark count, click the header, or which stock is the furthest away from it's STS, click the header, or short symbols alphabetically, click the header

    again the tables are total beta, more will be added, and more refinement as well as some sort of text description above them with maybe a video as well. I'd also like to have a small list displayed at the top of each table that shows which stocks generated new STSs that day etc. The other thing I'd like to have is how many STS's have been generated in an uptrend.  For example if a stock triggered long 5 months ago and has had 12 higher low trailing stops generated (12 STS's), that's useful to see vs a stock that triggered a week ago and only has 1 STS so far

    as far as the tables self-updating. This won't occur in real time obviously and that's not needed, STS's are not changing intra day really and having a feed to the tables every second would tax our resources too much. I think maybe twice a day would be fine, such as mid day (you could see if a new STS or Demark) was likely, and then at the close, twice a day would be fine

    Hey Matt or James, are

    Posted by focus175 on 1st of Dec 2022 at 01:50 am

    Hey Matt or James, are the tables currently being refreshed once or twice a day and if so at what times? As part of my routine I want to include checking them after each refresh. Thanks!

    where will we see the

    Posted by watcdy on 1st of Dec 2022 at 07:31 am

    where will we see the kiss tables ?

    I've had to rewrite some

    Posted by James_Roe on 1st of Dec 2022 at 02:17 am

    I've had to rewrite some of the backend for managing data, it's something like 2.6 million records for 800 stocks including historical pricing, we'll update them tomorrow and put out an update when they're done, and starting next week it should move to updating at the EOD, and then a few days after that sometime in the middle of the day.

    wow this is outstanding!  

    Posted by jonesy85 on 25th of Nov 2022 at 12:09 pm

    wow this is outstanding!  

    This is really great work! 

    Posted by kaap on 25th of Nov 2022 at 10:25 am

    This is really great work!   Can the tables be exported?

    that should be an easy

    Posted by matt on 25th of Nov 2022 at 10:28 am

    that should be an easy thing to add on. again continue to refresh these pages over the next week, they will continue to be modified with new features and things added

    I made a Youtube Video

    Posted by matt on 25th of Nov 2022 at 12:42 am

    I made a Youtube Video to explain all of this 


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