reversion to mean systems update

    Posted by matt on 23rd of Sep 2022 at 01:02 pm

    Obviously the bear long for ES and SPY are still looking to take a 2nd entry today.  On SPY the Stoch Short Rev is still short

    Now as far as other systems, how many other systems could become active on a real sell off? Honestly not much. I looked over them, really none of the other systems could trigger. The ONLY possibility would be the bear exhaustion, and honestly it would take Putin launching one of his tactical nukes to get that one to trigger (bad joke I know) but I'm illustrating that it is extremely hard to trigger and would need a lot more sell off to even bite.   The CCI system needs a positive divergence on the CCI, which the CCI is not even trying to diverge yet either. 

    What will trigger the Short

    Posted by timebandit on 23rd of Sep 2022 at 02:14 pm

    What will trigger the Short Rev to close out its trade?

    So will the systems take

    Posted by fundamentalvalues on 23rd of Sep 2022 at 01:58 pm

    So will the systems take the full second entry? or will you elect to do a half and half like last time?  I guess we will see when you send the trade notification.


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