thanks for posting that James, it's a great point, I had just opened it and have been looking at it a bit. 

    1. The repainting of past trades/bars is an issue for a strategy. When you look at past trades they look great but they might not have done that in reality and will change and disappear - it looks far better in the past than it was in practice. We've looked at strategies like this before and at the time came to the conclusion that we couldn't run them - I ran money with some of them and the results were very frustrating because of that. If you go to the forum on the TS side where that strategy is posted the Admin has a post about waring about this.

    2. remember that the market has been having big intra day swings for the past 3 weeks and even MA cross strategies would work well in that. Where you would have issues is more of a sideways chop day. Also, on that forum one guy comments that he's been using a 5 and 15 EMA cross strategy and found it better because the signals were real, and you know how I don't like MA cross strats.

    here's a link to the forum where you can read posts about it 

    again I still have to investigate it more fully but for now it looks more like a nice tool to use but not some grail strategy - it's more of an indicator/tool

    I'd like to thank Brophy for posting it, I really appreciate when folks share info that might help us all

    I was planning to port over to Tradestation and Trading View, however gonna put that on hold because it's not a strategy that can be automated as I discussed above. It's really more of an indicator, and realize it will not look as good in real time as the painted past.  We have a lot on our plate and James made some progress on it, however it's something we'll come back to at a later date and finish it and post it for those other platforms. In the meantime you can monitor it for free on TOS through its paper trading  - but it will be delayed data unless you open an account

    Thanks, Matt. True. As a

    Posted by brophy on 3rd of Sep 2022 at 08:01 am

    Thanks, Matt. True. As a suggestion, I use longer-term charts which do not have the habit of "repainting" so much - like trading in the daytime period. Thanks to you and Steve for all your hard work.


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