Please rephrase your question as it's extremely confusing to me .  See 30 minute channel and related comments. Have a plan in place that corresponds to YOUR OBJECTIVES 

    Hi Steve - what I

    Posted by anjali25 on 7th of Aug 2022 at 08:10 pm

    Hi Steve - what I meant is that you shared you didn’t hold your hedges as this was NOT a wave 3 acc to the charts - is there any other way to also determine whether a gap down / gap up will be a trend day or a gap and crap  - for those of us who are not EW experts ….

    Replying to your question- Most

    Posted by steve on 8th of Aug 2022 at 08:05 am

    Replying to your question- Most all breakaway gaps will transpire in W3s after a lower high or higher low is formed.  Currently price remains in an uptrend channel.

    Not really but a simple

    Posted by steve on 7th of Aug 2022 at 09:31 pm

    Not really but a simple premise to consider for 3rd waves are to watch for a the initial lower high or higher low to form - many come into trading and think magically they are going to make a bunch of money without having any experience and a proven approach and unfortunately it takes years to learn and establish (me included) .  What you should be spending time on is developing an approach that suits you vs asking others about where price is going day to day which is hard to predict consistently.  We will do our best to assist by providing some tools to incorporate into developing an approach.  Lastly,  keep reviewing newsletters for such assistance. 


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