I’d like to chime in here to the subscriber who wrote “Since you asked. I am not taking these trades because they are all very confusing with TOO Many systems with all kinds of trades at the same time, up down and all around. lol!"

    First off I understand that this stuff seems complicated, but it’s really not and let me discuss a few things that you guys should think about and consider. I wrote a very nice email back to the subscriber and offered my help over the phone, but I did also point out to him that it’s a shame that he didn’t write me 5 months ago asking for some help because he’s missed all those profitable trades in the mean time.  Steve and I, unlike most services, talk to many of you on the phone, we’ve had personal phone calls with 100s and 100s of you over the years - most services you cannot talk to the owners, only the operatators or a customer service person from India LOL. 

    Anyway regarding the systems, I could make it’s simpler by adding all the 22 systems on one chart of SPY and ES so that ONLY one system can trigger and be in a trade. There could only be one active system at any one time basically and yes that would be simple. However, the the whole reason I started giving trade signals all all the systems is because of the risk management they provide to each other and you get more trade opportunities. The systems have 80% to 90% winning trades on average, all of them. They are all mutually exclusive to each other - they are their own entity.  If they have 80% or 90% winning trades, why try to cover them up and prevent them from being able to trigger by placing them all on one chart so that only one can every be in an active trade.  The problem is that humans over complicate things and of course there’s the emotional factor.  Too many of you think of these systems as the SPY system and ES system or one big SPX system, which causes you to not understand how the system can be in multiple long and short trades at the same time. If it helps, think of the 22 systems NOT as SPX/SPY/ES but as 22 different stocks!!!  Just like you might have 20 different stocks in your long term portfolio where you might own AAPL, MSFT, GOOGL ,XOM etc.  Each system is mutually exclusive to one another. Again think of each system as its own entity, as a different stock, not SPX, the you don’t get confused who systems can be both long and short at the same time.  At the moment we have an active Bear Long trade that entered on July 13th, it’s captured 350 ES points - one ES contract would be up $17,500, and one MES contract would be up $1750; that trade has been active for over a month!   If you have held that ES or MES contract or even SPY, would you really care that another system like the hi mid lo took a short??? Hell no because you have all that profit on the long and maybe you were thinking about closing it out anyway, now the short trade comes along and buffers or acts like a hedge to protect those profits from the bear long!!!!  Think about it!!

    Also, if I were to place all the systems on one chart of SPY and ES, then you only get one system trade that can be active. The problem here is that it’s first come first serve, whatever system triggered first is what will be active, no other systems can trigger.  The system that triggers first, maybe it’s the best one at that time, or maybe it buys too early and takes extra draw down, or it closes too early and misses out on a 1 month swing trade like our Bear Long has been long since July 13th capturing 350 ES points: if another system triggered first that closed out 3 days later, the bear long would not have been able to trigger.

    Also, my idea giving trade signals to each of the sub systems was a big part of my risk mitigation. While the systems have an overall win rate of 80% to 90%, obviously a system can get into a bad long trade or a short trade.  Also, just form a logic math approach, if the systems have an 80% to 90% win ratio why do you want to prevent systems from being able to trigger just because you want it simpler? The goal is the make money and manage risk and that’s what the systems do when they all can trigger.  If you have all the systems on one chart where only one can be active at one time, you might get one of those system trades and not get the opportunity to offset that trade with other system trades that are winners.  

    Look, I understand on the surface at first especially to newer folks that it seems confusing. Reach out to me if you need help and really consider what I said above.

    Also and as Steve has said on multiple occasions: if it’s possible for you to have a separate trading account where you ONLY do the system trades in, no other discretionary trades, that’s a good approach because mentally it forces you keep that account focused on the system trades. Look for me, I love when the systems get into longs and have some shorts on at the same time, I think of it like having a hedge in place and both can make money.   To me the only real hard part is deciding how much money you should allocate tho the systems; that’s on you because everyone has their own risk tolerance and different emotions.  As far as how many systems can be active at one time? Most of the time 90% it’s 1 or 2 systems, in rare huge sell offs I’ve seen 4 and 6 systems in an active trade, but generally that’s for 3 - 5 days.  

    I also started giving ES signal trades at the start of the year so that you get even more trade opportunities and as you’ve seen the systems will catch trades on SPY that are missed on ES, and vice versa, the systems will catch trades on ES that are missed on SPY like we have seen for the past several weeks with the ES bear long, ES breakout, and ES hi mid lo short.


    Posted by mundy on 7th of Aug 2022 at 08:25 pm


     I trade options on the SPY signals. Therefore it is easy to open different spreads(I prefer the risk management of a spread, others may do single option).

    On ES I trade MESU22 or MNQ22 if there are longs and shorts at the same time. I have been experimenting with the further quarter out as per Matt's one suggestion a while ago so presently I have one MESZ22 for the latest HI-MID-LOW short.

    I only trade SPY and ES. Am very keen to trade the other ETF's but don't think we will see them for quite some time to come.   

    I agree and we should

    Posted by jonesy85 on 8th of Aug 2022 at 10:06 am

    I agree and we should be doing more with Kiss!  Make Kiss great again!  Best technical website ever!!

    Thanks for taking the time

    Posted by mirhamedali on 6th of Aug 2022 at 10:44 am

    Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts in such a detailed fashion. Matt would it make sense for me to purchase lower beta options? I know I would be increasing my risk but I would also be increasing possible reward and with the systems doing so well it seems to be worth it. For example I was thinking about purchasing options with a beta of . 30  for all of the trades. 

    Where do you find the

    Posted by rgmclm on 6th of Aug 2022 at 12:28 pm

    Where do you find the strike price using beta .30?  it's easy to find the strike using Delta. I'm using  TOS. Sorry for my option ignorance  question, and thanks in advance. 

    Matt and  Steve, thank you

    Posted by bk1976 on 6th of Aug 2022 at 12:00 pm

    Matt and  Steve, thank you for all the work on the SPY system please keep it the way it is.  I hope you add other ETFs as you have been working on that as well.  You both have helped me a lot in trading and your education piece is extremely helpful.  Keep up the good work. Matt, take sometime for you and your family, I thought you were on vacation. Some down time will help with family life and make your time at BPT even better. R&R for both of you is well deserved.

    Thanks some education is the

    Posted by steve on 6th of Aug 2022 at 12:19 pm

    Thanks some education is the most important thing we can provide - appreciate the feedback 

    Thx for refresher

    Posted by shellson2 on 6th of Aug 2022 at 01:05 pm

    Thx for refresher

    guys please feel free to

    Posted by matt on 6th of Aug 2022 at 10:54 am

    guys please feel free to do whatever option strategy you wish, different deltas/strikes, even spreads and other things.  Remember the systems are not picking option trades, the trade signals occur on SPY and ES, that's where the pure unfilterd trade signal comes from.  I've always been clear that I'm no options expert ,nether is Steve, we know the basics. Many of you guys are option pros compared to us so have at it for various option strateiges that you think work best and be open to share some of them as I personally think the option trades I put out could be VASTLY improved with spreads and straddles, selling calls and puts whatever

    Thanks Matt for all your

    Posted by dgrandey on 7th of Aug 2022 at 02:43 pm

    Thanks Matt for all your great work with the systems. I keep it simple by having one account dedicated to doing only the spy system options trades per the options trade spreadsheet so I hope nothing changes with the system triggers. I’m looking forward to seeing it expanded to other etfs and I’ll  likely  dedicate a new account to those trades. Given their high success rate, I really don’t see the need to do anything other than the system trades. If the performance of the options trades can be improved further as you suggest that’s great but don’t change the process of how they are triggered and how alerts are issued.

    For what it's worth, as

    Posted by matthp on 6th of Aug 2022 at 10:32 am

    For what it's worth, as a relatively new customer (since Nov), I'm pleased that you provide signals for all the systems on both SPY and ES.   Thanks for doing that.  

    I only trade options for the systems and choose a position size based on the statistics for that particular system, also looking at its sample size (total number of trades).  This approach provides me with the risk / reward balance I want.  With my other responsibilities, I prefer to trade just once a day - so the way you're operating is perfect for me and has enabled me to get a solid return this year.  

    Because the ES system doesn't close until after options trading ends, I will typically take a risk that the ES signal may or may not fade between the time I buy the options and the time ES closes / reopens..

    By showing all the systems, you enable me to follow follow my plan.  Perhaps a new subscriber could dip their toe in the water by just trading the ETFs with a fixed position each time until they feel more comfortable with the process.  Anyway, I figured I'd drop a note of encouragement.  Thanks again.


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