This is really helpful context for me Steve. I didn't line up the waves with what I was trading, though I will be considering it the next time for when something like that happens. I did reposition on the dip and did fine as the day progressed, though certainly didn't sell the majority as I thought maybe we would have a gap and go type day to the downside and particularly thought my one instrument would as it is so extended. 

    When the low held, I still could have sold more even if the price was a bit higher as I trailed. Shows how powerful being convinced of an outcome can be. Really tough to do in real time. I am set up really well risk/reward wise for the coming week again with my trading. Can't complain really as I had an ok day and learned something today. I learn a lot being here. Thank you and the community. 

    Shout out to Arun for helping me with a chart while I was on the move in the airport. Really glad to be here supporting my friend and his family during this time. 


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