For what it is worth

    Posted by pkrsek on 21st of Jul 2022 at 05:00 pm

    For what it is worth the DeMark Combo 1B system got a "perfected buy" setup for SPY on June 21st. It is now at a 5 count of 9 in the upward trend since then. This indicates that the "9 count" which could mark a trend reversal is still potentially ahead of us. It is also showing a "disqualified buy TDST" at $415.85. I'm speculating that could be the point at which we get the reversal. That would support the speculation in this thread that the SPY might blow right past the gap and actually top out at the $415-$420 level. Just FYI. We'll all be watching. Thanks for all the great input and guidance. 

    TDST- ? Tom DeMark _____

    Posted by watcdy on 21st of Jul 2022 at 05:06 pm

    TDST- ? Tom DeMark _____    ______ ?

    Tom DeMark is a very

    Posted by pkrsek on 21st of Jul 2022 at 07:48 pm

    Tom DeMark is a very highly regarded technical analyst who has been developing systems since the late 1970's. I find his systems to be extremely useful. I've seen Matt quote him from time to time. You can google DeMark systems and find several basic explanations. You can find videos on YouTube that explain his systems. Here is one link which provides some background.  I love I also find DeMark extremely useful. At one time you could only get his systems if you had a Bloomberg terminal. Now they are available through other sources, including


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