David Ryan: Bear Market Checklist

    Posted by kevindeng0727 on 19th of Jun 2022 at 03:06 pm

    David Ryan: Bear Market Checklist & Prepping For The Next Bull


    Dav is a three time US Investing Champion and his son is leading in 2022's race.  One point I very much agree with him is if we make an important low in June (say 3300), it's likely that we bounce and then come back to undercut&retesting in Sep/Oct. Without Fed on the back, V bottom is highly unlikely. Also he doesn't see any good individual stock set ups now, which is needed for a sustainable uptrend. Similarly Stan Weinsten and his team scans all the S&P stcocks and currently only ~10% are in what they call as "stage 1 or stage 2", way too low to be ready for sustainable move up.


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