The hope for everyone is

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    Posted by matt on 21st of Feb 2022 at 09:11 pm

    The hope for everyone is that it will be a bear market in the secular bull, but who knows. Those secular cycles are more an academic guess and with the size of the debt everything bubbles and grand experiment of all the central banks who knows, I wouldn't be married to that. 

    But otherwise my same comments apply that I discussed in that interview. After a bull market ends and even if it's a cyclical bear, most of the time you have new leadership in the next bull market. Too many investors won't be able to let go of the past and will pay too much attention to past leaders looking for re-entries into those names once the bear market is over, when in reality there will be new leadership where the far bigger gains will be made. It's kind of like CSCO, it's still around, but after the 2000 - late 2002 bear market ended, there was new leadership and CSCO wasn't one of them -it was better to focus on new leadership. 


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