good for you, I didn't buy puts because both Matt and Steve are biased towards the bull side, so I was scared to short.

    First mistake as a trader

    Posted by steve on 11th of Feb 2022 at 08:06 pm

    First mistake as a trader is to blame others for YOUR inaction - simply unacceptable Sydney.  I suggest you take time to review my setups from yesterday and what I was looking for and it was LOWER.   Maybe you were in lockdown once again overseas and missed my SPX 15 and 30 minute charts yesterday.    Grow up and take responsibility for your own trades and do not assume that we will be perfect (it's simply not going to happen). 

    Trade your plan.

    dude - get it right.

    Posted by matt on 11th of Feb 2022 at 07:53 pm

    dude - get it right. We were bullish on the weekend and Monday (which was a good call) as we got a rally Tuesday and Wednesday back to the 61.8% Fib and resistance area from the previous week. From there it needed to follow through and I thought at the time that the charts had potential to follow through to the next level, but they did not follow through, and failed to do that on Thursday.  I also specifically said that the 'onus is back on the bulls' in Thursday's newsletter and that was in writing in the newsletter and the email. 

    early in the week we were looking for higher prices (which we got until Wed). We needed to see follow through from Wednesday to see that next target area, but prices failed to do that. 

    The volatility and ranges have been huge - Thursday you had a great short opportunity intra day all that way down to that lower range, and today being a Friday in a downtrend there was plenty of opportunity to short early on as well.

    Don't blame missed trades or bias on others.  Trading is difficult enough because of emotion, best to focus on yourself and not worry about others. Steve and I are far from perfect but we've done a good job calling this market overall


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