Rareto….The reason was we met

    QQQ daily

    Posted by chartboy on 24th of Jan 2022 at 09:23 pm

    Rareto….The reason was we met the downside target on the SPX, which was the weekly propulsion down target. It was 420. Today’s low was 420.

    That has been a worst case support level for this move I have seen being discussed for weeks with Funds controlling many billions. The fact that today was a perfected daily -9 on btc also helped. Additionally, the mid-day (around 1pm) TDST buy signal in BTC was the spark that set the flame. 

    These types of moves to and from propulsion levels are a daily occurrence in the crypto markets, which is one of the reasons the crypto markets are so profitable for advanced traders. Literally almost everyday there are large cap cryptos moving much more than the spx/qqqs did today and the direct correlation to technical indicators, especially Demark Sequential and Propulsion, are even better than in equities, because the percent of directional volume by quant programs is so much higher in crypto. 


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