in answer to your questions: 

    1 - symmetry is relative to the trend and time frame you are following so like Einstein would say, it's relative. When I look at the 5 min SPX I'm generally looking for symmetry moves that day. a 30 or 60 min might be 15 - 30 days, a daily will depend, and so will a weekly. No one answer here - observe the trade you are monitoring relative to that time frame

    2. not really - one thing I showed is that price many times will follow multiple symmetries not just the largest one. Also what I didn't discuss in that video much is that generally I count symmetry with respect to 1 wave so like an A wave or C wave vs the whole ABC zig zag move

    3. it just varies and honesty it's going to follow whatever wave count structure ends up unfolding whether it's a simple ABC zig zag or a 5 wave uptrend or a 5th wave extension etc. 

    4. I've followed it for years, it works very well. and while we'll monitor a break in symmetry, most of the time symmetry is not broken and is best used for price targets and a tool for places to buy and sell. 

    again what I suggest is that you take various charts and practice mocking them up. It takes time to start understanding it and practice to calibrate the eye. There's some art too it just like all TA. 

    as far as newsletters I'll be adding it to more charts and commenting on it

    thank you matt.  Love your

    Posted by xxkumarxx on 3rd of Jan 2022 at 04:05 pm

    thank you matt.  Love your work.

    thank you, really appreciate the

    Posted by matt on 3rd of Jan 2022 at 07:57 pm

    thank you, really appreciate the feedback!


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