Saw the options comment earlier.

    Posted by moshark99 on 2nd of Dec 2021 at 04:08 pm

    Saw the options comment earlier. Im just a dummy but what I do when the market is flaky is roll/stop loss. I bought the 446 call(10 @$20) the other day and it was up about $1500 so I put a stop loss at 19. It reversed and I was stopped out -$1000. Yesterday got the new trigger so bought the same contract @ 18 ($18K). When the market moved up showing about 1500 gain SPY @458 I rolled up to the 460 Call, got $9 ( and lowered my risk to $9) I set a stop $1 below=8.   So I now have 8k risk in the trade, and it closed at $11.60 so Im up 2600 and will move my stop up to $9 so any loss (absent a crazy gap down) would be minimal. If it continues to run I will roll up at resistance areas, with a tight stop along the way.


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