Thanks Matt! I didn't notice it was a multiple lol 

    yes it basically is, I

    Posted by matt on 21st of Sep 2021 at 08:24 pm

    yes it basically is, I wanted to keep the same, not sure how to describe it, flow-like movement of the ribbons. For example take a 5,10,15,20 EMA set  or a 10, 20, 30, 40, and you'll see that the ribbons they produce have sharper lines, not nice curving slopes. The 9/20/34/50 set produces a ribbon with nice rounded flowing patterns, I wanted to preserve that nature but have a faster ribbon, hence why I took a multiple of those MA's

    so for example: 9 to 20: is a multiple of 2.2. So if I start with the 5 EMA, 5 x 2.2 = 11.  And 20 to 34 is multiple of 1.7, so 11 * 1.7 is 19. you get the point


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