$AAZZD - $AAZZF The other thing was TD tried to charge me for the reverse split.  I wrote them to ask why I should be paying for something I have no control over and that Fidelity didn't charge anything and turned it around in a day; not 2 weeks like TD did.  They issued a credit to me.

    man that is just unreal!

    Posted by matt on 17th of Sep 2021 at 10:09 pm

    man that is just unreal! never heard of such a thing. 

    My heavens that's nuts -

    Posted by steve on 17th of Sep 2021 at 05:03 pm

    My heavens that's nuts - anyway I'm glad you were able to resolve.   Trade your plan and best wishes.  Always wise to take some profits after extended moves like what just unfolded recently.  

    AAZZD--AAZZF     do not

    Posted by watcdy on 17th of Sep 2021 at 05:08 pm

    AAZZD--AAZZF     do not look at this as a trade although theres always opportunities for partial profit taking---  look at it as high  quality opportunity in a private placement

    these good ones are rare.!!!!

    Good analogy - honestly it's

    Posted by steve on 17th of Sep 2021 at 05:32 pm

    Good analogy - honestly it's about management execution at this stage more than anything as the marketplace is enormous.  They have an outstanding product, team, and partners (NCR Flextronics  Accenture Zebra and Wanzl) in an industry in dire need of change.  We refer to this a a disruptive technology - there are only a few in the marketplace each year.  This will take time to unfold with rolling pilots in several countries underway the rest of this year and many more countries next year with rolling orders upon pilot completion for those who decide to  transition to the new platform. Not every pilot will lead to orders or some may order later which is typical in early stage transitions.  Sales will begin to flow next year and ramp at a pace consistent with how quickly grocers transition, As the carts deployed increase so will the recurring advertising revenues.  Their other businesses will likely be spun off into a separate company early next year.  

    WanzlGmbH & Co. KGaA is the world's largest manufacturerof shoppingtrolleys fyi


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