A2Z  Technologies is a Canadian Corp.  HQ is in Vancouver, Canada, either for tax, funding or security issues?

    Cdn listing provides access to US markets planned Nasdaq listing it appears. It used a numbered company to acquire the shares of A2Z Israel (a private company)  in 2019,

    Business revenue appears to be mostly from sales in Israel; I would be more worried about increasing losses and dilution of stock than the company HQ location.

    SEDAR lin for A2Z registration

    Link A2Z HQ Location Link

    Let me clarify - AAZZF

    Posted by steve on 15th of Jun 2021 at 05:07 pm

    Let me clarify - AAZZF is  based in ISRAEL (not Canada) with it's primary listing in Canada. However, I expect that to change shortly with listing on the Nasdaq.  Your analysis is quite rudimentary looking simply at trailing numbers without any consideration of what really matters and that's projected sales and earnings.   This is still an early stage company but the reason the stock has moved up is due to their disruptive technologies.   Dilution is part of any early stage company's growth via funding which was recently completed at $2.72 CDN - the stock has made nice percentage gain but if it's not your type of investment then simply avoid.  One important note,  with early stage companies one should preform a much deeper analysis than simply reviewing past financial statements as proper due diligence requires a much deeper evaluation (few are willing/able to put in that type of work).   Only then can you make a truly informed decision.   When the stock setup on the charts we presented it as a technical play and it provided a darn nice gain.  Trade YOUR PLAN

    In response to a statement/question below, the company has developed other proprietary technologies which you can examine at their corporate website.  One thing for certain, the stock has certainly performed better than most of the highly touted SPAC's this year.  Take some profits into nice moves.


    Thanks for the all the

    Posted by rfa300 on 16th of Jun 2021 at 09:56 am

    Thanks for the all the great info Steve and Matt! Where do you see support as AAZZF is taking over a 10% correction here?  Well, actually a bit volatile! When I initially looked it was 10% Seems to be settling down. Thanks again!

    again first and foremost remember

    Posted by matt on 16th of Jun 2021 at 10:29 am

    again first and foremost remember this is a long term play, will take years to play out fully.  Decide your time horizon and strategy.  Steve for example who probably has a few hundred thousand shares will sell 10K or 20K shares on that up move, selling portions, while keeping his core. Then buy back on pullbacks, that's his style.

    Short term technicals remain what I said on Monday and yesterday, the 4 area is resistance and a place for consolidation and that is exactly what has happened so far. The hope is for some sort of bull flag to setup on this consolidation. The 9 EMA is first support. It has the potential to form a cup and handle if the pullback is not too deep here

    news wise in the short term I'd expect this to move off the OTC to the Nasdaq sometime soon maybe over the next month


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