WPF is Bill Foley's company, they are merging with Alight who provides benefit solutions. They just acquired the Thrift Savings Plan (huge military contract) late last year.  He built the largest title insurance company in the world from $3 million at its start to over $13 billion. He brought the Las Vegas Knights Hockey team to Vegas. He is an incredible leader and businessman. Click on the about on WPF's page and read about Bill. I doubled my position in warrants when they took them down to the $1.50s area the one day. They are already back to $2+. The deal will happen. 

    WPF's site: https://www.foleytrasimene.com/

    Alight's site: https://alight.com/

    *Spacs have been on fire the last weeks. I have 7 positions total and loaded the mess out of them when they all got taken down. All warrants. I've seen massive moves, 50-100% on average in them in that period of time. One thing I like to do is start with a reasonable size, then if the market does something ridiculous or they manipulate it, I double or triple my stake to get to the allocation dollar wise I'm targeting. Two months is nothing when I can achieve an amazing risk/reward and make my year after they load and finally run them higher. Whenever crazy things happen, I always go back to what I own and if anything has changed. If it hasn't, then I'm in a position to invest with much less risk. As I thought about these warrants, they were willing to give me the equivalent of a 5 year option contract in the $1s. That is hilariously cheap. It shouldn't even be possible. 

    I used to make the mistake of looking for new ideas when things like this happened. Now I dig deeper and stick with what I'm doing and usually add if the fundamentals are with me. Same deal with TTCF, there was no reason for that stock to go back to $16, I just said thanks, loaded it and its back to $23 now. Barring a market event, my guess is that it challenges new highs at some point. I know everyone's strategy is different, but hope what I share helps someone that wants to grow their wealth and maybe can take some things and incorporate it into their own style/plan. I read perspectives here and its what the community is all about. 


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