When it's this easy for newbies -- Mean these guys are buying fractional shares--then either the rules have been changed forever or the Ameritrade commercials from 1999 were real! Hip hip hooray for the peo[ple who have kicked my ass performance-wise by simply buying AMC and Bitcoin. Do I look like an old-time idiot? Ummm, yep! I'm torn between Mike Wilson's 15% correction,  Harry Dent's 50% crash, and Tom Lee's 4600, somebody's 5000 S&P by year-end.  Bought BA in the low 200s and unfortunately sold yesterday at 238 only to see 252 today. Great trade gone bad. Verrrrry frustrated and ready for a long weekend to regroup!

    Market will crash due to

    Posted by himsa on 28th of May 2021 at 10:06 am

    Market will crash due to the reverse  repos and rehypothefecations. However with AMC and others they are up because momentum related to the share holders votes next week. These stocks have been naked shorted 5x the float. Of all GME has potential to go much higher too due to the same thing and no debt whereas I wouldn’t hold AMC other than the squeeze.


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